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" Physics is a subject that is feared the most by NEET aspirants. The case was the same with me. And rightly so. It is a subject that requires shee smartness & the best problem solving capacity from an aspirant. The best thing about PRK sir's teaching was that he paid attention not just to the bright students, but also to the one who didn't understand something in the first go. He was always patient & ready to explain a difficult concept or problem a second, third or even more number of times. PRK sir is really a fatherly figure & an amazing guide not just for the exams but also for the challenges in one's life. "

Rahul Mohanty

MBBS Student @ SCBACH, cuttack

" I Seekta Bharadwaj, have secured 636 marks with an AIR 6844 in NEET 2021 entrance exam, for which I would like to thank “Rajkumar sir ” for constantly guiding and supporting me throughout this journey. He not only cleared my doubt but also kept me motivated towards my goal. He removed the fear of physics from my mind and has helped me to approach and solve problems in an easier way. It is because of him that I am on my way to become a doctor. Last but not the least I would also like to add that" "itoppers " under the mentorship of PRK sir is definitely a boon. to students craving to be a doctor. "

Seekta Bharadwaj

NEET AIR 6844 (2021)

"like any other Aspirant, I took coaching at Aakash institute after my 12th boards. But soon I realised subjects are much more conceptual than that coming in boards. Specially physics, it was nightmare to me. But I was lucky enough to meet Raj Kumar Sir, who not only cleared my every doubt in physics, but also made physics very easy to understand. And the best part was he believed that an average student like me can compete in NEET and get a government medical seat - Today, all because of PRK sirs motivation blessings, guidance and support I am living my dream of studying in Govt. Medical College. Really blessed to have a teacher like him. "

Shreedipa Sahu

BBMCH, Balanger (Odisha)

" I am Aditya Patra, currently a MBBS student at AIIMS Delhi. I had secured an All India Rank of 231, with a score of 99.999987 in Physics in the AIIMS entrance examination 2019. I owe my success to Raj Kumar Sir and his team for having made the subject of Physics such a joyride for me. I was under Sir's guidance for 1 year. Sir presents the topics in such an easy-to-understand manner that I instantly fell in love with Physics right from my first class. I would definitely advise all aspirants to seek Sir's mentorship so that you are not only able to achieve your goal but also learn to appreciate the beauty of Physics. Thank you so much Sir! "

Aditya Patra


"Raj kumar sir was one of my faculties when I was Prepaning for my NEET-UG. Physics was my Nightmare before I started preparing under sir. Eventually, the ever traumatic physics turned into refreshing physics. It was not only easy to solve questions rather also enjoyable. Sir kept on motivating me when times were really low and hard, supporting emotionally to get over and look forward. It was nice and very fortunate having Raj kumar sir besides you for 1 year which is really a difficult time to put your career ahead of anything and working hard. Thank you sir, for all your effort into my future. "

Malay Bhanja

NEET AIR - 661 (BHU)

"I Aaditya Pratap Singh, would like to thank Raj kumar Sir for constantly helping me in Physics and also in overall development of foundation and concepts. He was the one who made Physics interesting and even my favorite subject from build the one while I feared the most. He kept us motivated by always build there to solve our doubts and that too lay the easiest method possible. So, definitely "iToppers" under Raj kumar sir is a great platform for NEET aspirants to fulfill their dreams. "


Physics Score -170/180
State Rank - 87 AIR - 17303

"PRK Sir, as Raj Kumar sir is fondly and ‘popularly’ known amongst his students is one of the best Physics faculties that any student could come across. He is almost caring & sincere regarding the academics of his students, and always makes sure to emotionally support ha students whenever needed. wherever we aso today, it i because of PRK sir. Thank You Sir."


AIIMS Raipur

"For a student in her drop out phase, PRK Sir was like an inspiration. He made solving problems in physics a cakewalk for our batch Preparing for NEET. Truly indebted to PRk sir for your constant vigilance on our progress and for your constant vigilance on our progress and persistent Encouragement which led students like me to achieve their dreams. I can a vital undoubtedly say itoppers has been a vital cog to my success "

Sushree Sampanna Behura

NEET AIR - 4590