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Foundation Course (11th & 12th)

Eligibility – For class 10th passed/Appeared
Objective- Building the basics stronger and prepare for NEET.

  • NEET Classes (5 days a week)
  • Topic wise test, Periodic Test similar to NEET Pattern.
  • Course completed 2 months before the exam.
  • Revision last 2 months after course completion.
  • Your basic classes starts as soon as you take admission.
  • Target Course (For 12th Passed)

    Eligibility - 12th Pass/Appear
    Features - More focus on problem solving approach with adequate conceptual clarity.
    Classes - 6days per week
    Practice Session - Everyday 2-4 hrs after classes.
    Test - Topic wise, Periodic, Weekly, Full length Test
    Doubt Solving Facility Any time during working days.

    Pre Foundation Courses (For 7th to 10th)

    4-5 days Classes per Week

    Pre Foundation Courses (For 7th to 10th)

  • Prepare Students for Medical Engineering Exam.
  • Develop more interests in science and math.
  • Revision Class
  • Regular tests/Practice Session
  • 4-5 days Classes per Week
  • Achiever's Physics Courses

    2 Year Physics for NEET/JEE (11th & 12th)
    Eligibility - For 10th Pass
    Features - Focus On Concept and Problem Practice on NEET/JEE pattern

    1 Year Physics for NEET
    Eligibility - For 12th Pass (dropout student)
    Duration - 6 days per week

  • Specially for those who need special care in Physics.
  • Score high in limited time frame.
  • Extensive problem practices, tests and personal monitoring.

  • 12th Physics (Board + NEET)
    Test - Weekly, Topic wise, Full length.
    Doubt Clearing - Any time during working days.


    2 Years integrated course
    Eligibility - For 10th Pass
    Focus On - Conceptual Clarity

  • Problem Practice Session
  • Regular Tests (Board and JEE Pattern)
  • Individual Care and Monitoring